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                    Roller accessories sealing material is divided into polyethylene and nylon. Polyethylene low cost, but the wear resistance is relatively poor, on the contrary, the sealing cost of nylon material is relatively high, but high wear resistance.
                    The spring is made of spring steel and plays the role of the fixed roller. Poor elasticity of the spring, volatile, in the external force of the press can not be a good prevention and control of roller accessories.
                    Retainer ring: the parts of the roller accessories are fixed into axial and circumferential fixed.
                    Roller accessories in the installation process must grasp the key points, roller accessories can be effectively installed to play its own value. Roller bearing parts SKF during cooling in the width direction has also contracted, so the installation should apply some pressure to the inner shoulder pressing, and after cooling with thin feeler test for detection, whether there is a gap between the inner end face and shoulder. Found to meet the required heating temperature, it is necessary to install as soon as possible, in order to avoid the installation of cooling difficulties. The heating temperature should be controlled, high temperature of SKF bearing damage, the temperature is too low then ring expansion is insufficient, the effect is not significant. The thermal expansion of the inner diameter of the inner ring, which is obtained from a small control, heating temperature of 80 to 1000 DEG C, is sufficient for a SKF bearing with a general amount of interference.
                    Components of roller parts: in fact, for the roller, it is not as simple as we imagine, it is actually composed of many parts of the roller, a roller bearing stamping, roller bearings, roller shaft, roller, circlip, ring etc.. Among them, each component has a different role.
                    Roller bearing seat is divided into two kinds, one is the bearing seat, and the other is the cast iron bearing seat. Most of the stamping bearing seat is welded with steel pipe. Stamping bearing seat is characterized by good sealing, the overall bearing capacity, the biggest feature of cast iron bearing seat is a high degree of concentricity, but the bearing capacity is lower than the bearing seat.
                    The roller bearing is the most important part of the roller, bearing the quality will directly affect the service life of the roller, so in the selection of roller bearings, than to choose other roller accessories more cautious.
                    Roller shaft is divided into cold drawn steel shaft and ladder shaft. Note: the tolerance of roller shaft must be guaranteed between 0.002mm-0.019mm.

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