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                    Three importance of roller accessories
                    Roller parts is an important part of roller, roller good performance, full close and accessories. Overall, the importance of roller accessories to the whole process, attributed to three points:
                    First, if you do not have roller accessories that will result in poor concentricity, which will reduce the life of the roller; greatly conducive to the continued use of roller.
                    Second, must be better, Tuogu accessories quality and installation for example, idler body to choose quality of good material, roller have good lubrication, sealing roller have absolutely excellent sealing performance, do not appear deviation or bite card, this not only reduces the efficiency of the same life it will be greatly reduced.
                    Third, roller accessories are of great value in the various parts of the role of each part, to assist the roller to maintain and use, thereby playing a role. The wear of the bearing seat and the wear of the bearing seat are two common problems. Site repair, to avoid machining methods for the enterprise to save a lot of downtime, to create a huge production value. The traditional method usually used after welding machine to repair, and will make the surfacing parts surface of high temperature components, causing deformation or cracks, caused by machining to obtain size downtime greatly extended. Using fushilan macromolecule composite material for on-site repair, no thermal effect, the thickness of repair is not restricted, giving products with wear resistance and metallic materials do not have contact, ensure the repair site 100% fit, reduce equipment shock, to avoid the possibility of wear.
                    Roller accessories for the purpose of avoiding wrinkles can choose the following methods:
                    (1) by using conical deep drawing, the shape of the blank and the deformation of the circular deformation zone are compared with the deep drawing process;
                    (2) select the blank holder, select the blank holder to press the blank in the concave die plane, and make the gap between the blank holder and the concave die plane.

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