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                    1 according to the material is divided into polymer roller, steel roller and ceramic roller. The parallel rollers are common, comb type, forward type, spiral type steel plastic type, etc.; the buffer roller spring plate, buffer ring, strong buffering type, adjustable elastic type, hanging type; self-aligning roller are universal, reversible, strong friction type, cone type, spiral type and combination type; grooved rollers are common, procline, quick change bearing type, hanging type, variable groove angle type, transitional type, V type etc..
                    2 roller according to its structure can be divided into parallel roller, buffer roller, spiral roller, self-aligning roller and trough roller
                    Fracture and defect of bearing parts of roller accessories
                    It is very important to improve the productivity and economy to find out the fault and prevent the accident in the early stage through proper periodic inspection. At the same time, the roller bearing parts are cleaned regularly to prolong the service life of the bearing.
                    1, examination and judgment
                    In order to determine whether the demolition of the bearing can be re used, we should focus on checking the size of its precision, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and the mating surface, raceway surface, cage and sealing ring, etc..
                    On the inspection results can be judged by the use of bearings or proficient bearings.
                    The criteria of judgment vary according to the mechanical properties and the importance and the inspection cycle. If there is any damage, the bearing shall not be used again.
                    (1) fracture and defect of bearing parts of idler roller.
                    2 roller surface rolling off the surface.

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