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                    Through the use of the user in the practice, the two kinds of self-aligning roller has to move, self-aligning effect is not ideal, for the normal operation of production bring a lot of inconvenience, waiting to be a better aligning effect of the roller to meet the needs of. To this end, we roller for the above two aligning, a careful analysis of the work principle and structure, if can ensure the trough aligning supporting roller beam strength, and can meet the self-aligning tapered roller rotary flexible, overcome self-aligning tapered roller linkage structure of complex defects, can to meet the needs of users. We combine the advantages of these two kinds of self-aligning roller, re designed the structure of the core roller frame, through the user trial, achieved good results.
                    In order to improve the design of a new type of self-aligning roller structure. The utility model has the advantages of little difference between the general shape structure and the traditional products, but the utility model is a new type of centering roller with the characteristics of a fully combined groove shape centering roller and a tapered centering roller. The centering roller is composed of a lower cross beam, a base, a rotary shaft, a rotary frame, an upper cross beam, a tapered roller and a common roller. When the length of the tape is more than 20m, a new type of aligning roller is installed every 10 15m, which can effectively prevent the deviation of the belt conveyor.
                    Compared with the traditional self-aligning roller, the structural characteristics of:
                    (1) the rotary frame is added under the upper cross beam, which can ensure the rotation of the upper cross beam and improve the strength of the upper beam. In the rotating frame side roller, the plate welding structure installed two wheels fixed on the lower beam by bolts, the upper slide rail is fixed on the upper crossbeam through the slide plate, can move flexibly on the roller in a specific range. The realization of upper beam with heavy loads, with less friction under flexible turn the tape, and thus can flexibly adjust the deviation.
                    (2) on both sides of the conical roller self-aligning roller roller, improve the stress condition of the roller, enhances the self-aligning effect, and the tapered roller and middle roller are designed into ordinary DTII type standard roller, spare parts processing and easy to be interchangeable, users choose simple and convenient.
                    (3) in addition, because the traditional DTII type, with no bearing type TD75 standard design of a base and a rotary shaft, dust, pulp and other easy to move and the base, caused by rust phenomenon, the adjustment function of the heart failure, which can not effectively control the belt deviation. The new improved roller base structure, a bearing is installed on the rotary shaft part two is on the structure design to prevent dust and dust slurry into the labyrinth cover, can effectively prevent water and dust, slurry into the base. The utility model not only reduces the friction between the rotary shaft and the base, but also ensures the sealing of the rotary shaft.

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