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                    Belt conveyor belt conveyor is a kind of common phenomenon caused by many factors such as deviation, conveyor frame deformation, roller frame, roller mounting is not part of damage resistance, abrasion, conveyor belt conveyor belt joint is not. At present, solve the belt deviation scheme mainly has 2 kinds: the installation of self-aligning roller group (partial) or special bias adjustable device, offset device in the form of more types and, in recent years there have been research on correcting device of machine vision, fuzzy control, parallel motion, based on the hydraulic technology; using a roller supporting seat is provided with a plurality of roller slot roller frame, according to the belt deviation will roller shaft end from a slot adjustment to another slot, change roller offset angle offset to achieve. In the industrial and mining site, the above 2 methods are usually used in order to achieve the smooth operation of the conveyor belt. Using first kinds of method to adjust the offset angle of roller, roller shaft is not rotating, but because the extended interval is too short, the hand can not grasp, with other simple tools to clamp and lift, by grasping the idler body is adjusted, so it must be stopped in the belt conveyor, need more people together to pry the conveyor belt, grasping roller, roller shaft clamping position change operation, for the heavy belt said, laborious, and support risk and loss. In the operation of the belt conveyor, it is more suitable for the use of non - stop adjustment roller offset angle, when the conveyor belt to adjust the roller offset angle, you can immediately observe the bias effect. In this paper, 2 kinds of methods for adjusting the offset angle of the idler roller of the belt conveyor are introduced.
                    The multi card slot roller rack, roll into a short, difficult adjustment roller card slot. Therefore, according to the actual needs of the design of a shaft extension of the roller. Using this roller, without replacing the original with multiple slot roller rack under the premise of the lift roller shaft extension in the extended part of roller frames, adjustable roller clamping position, in the shutdown and no stop state can be adjusted.
                    The shaft end of elongated roller comprises a roller body, and roller shaft, roller shaft equipped with a clamping groove on the shaft side of the roller end roller shaft clamping groove is arranged on the other side of the extending section of the roller body, and is provided with a clamping groove in the outer end of the shaft roller axis direction of the lengthened segment. The utility model is characterized in that the shaft end of the supporting roller is provided with a clamping flat.
                    The use of extended shaft roller, supporting both ends of the roll shaft clamping groove flat or clamping shaft groove are respectively mounted on the idler frame inner support seat and lateral supporting seat slot, the supporting seat is usually outside of the 2~3 card slot. Therefore, after the installation of the Bento roller, the extension section of the shaft end can be exposed on the outer side of the supporting seat of the roller frame, and the lengthened section can be lifted by hand, and the outer side of the roller can be lifted. In order to save effort, lift the roller can also be used in steel pipe and other sleeve tools on the lengthened section.
                    With the above scheme, roller shaft is lengthened, roller frame with lateral extended section, moving through the extended lift, you can easily lift roller, roller shaft for adjusting the card position; not only can be adjusted in a stopped state, also can be adjusted in the normal operation of the conveyor; plan, make the roller in the slot between the adjustment is more convenient, efficient and labor-saving.

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