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                    The roller is an important part of belt conveyor, and its quality has a direct influence on the service life of the belt conveyor. In order to produce high quality roller, it is necessary to strictly control the selection of the structure and the material of each part and the manufacturing process. Roller is one of the key components influencing use effect in conveyor, belt conveyer, roller conveyer belt for supporting and shipments, and ensure the belt sag in the scope of design in the limited. In the design of the belt conveyor, the selection and selection of the roller has an important influence on the normal use, stable operation, maintenance cost, power consumption and price of the belt conveyor.
                    With the improvement of the manufacturing process, the machining accuracy of the roller is small, which is the main factor affecting the service life of the roller. Through investigation and analysis, it is found that the service life of roller bearing is the main factor affecting the life of roller. The life of the bearing is mainly determined by the load, bearing quality and lubrication. In these three factors, the lubrication condition of bearing is the main reason of bearing life. The roller is running on the wet dust in the hostile environment in the high-speed operation, due to the existence of friction will inevitably lead to the generation of heat, caused by the positive pressure bearing weight of the rollers in the belt bending section should also be admitted to increase the sealing cavity temperature, with the increase of grease temperature appears vaporization the phenomenon of. When the roller stops running, the air pressure in the sealed cavity of the bearing decreases with the temperature, so as to produce the suction process. With the suction, especially in the convex arc, most of the current calculation of the middle roller as a process, a large number of dust particles into the bearing seal cavity leading to grease contamination and ten, thereby speeding up the bearing wear. At the same time, due to the small amount of lubricating grease with the vaporization of the small and gradually reduced to a certain extent, the bearing will be in the ten state of friction, which is bound to increase the bearing wear, greatly shorten the service life of roller.

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