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                    The number of roller accessories is large, and it is an important part of the roller. In particular, roller accessories in the bearing, the life of the roller has a direct correlation, the following is a simple analysis of the causes of its damage.
                    First, the bearing material does not meet the standard, easy to use in the process of erosion caused by early retirement.
                    Second, the installation of the bearing is also one of the reasons for easy damage, reasonable installation and operation of the life are related, and the installation of pressure control properly, but also can reduce the wear of bearings.
                    Third, bearing no cleaning or equipment without drying function, bearing without demagnetization, very easy to absorb dust, this is not conducive to the use of water and dust, because of its easy to cause erosion, causing damage.
                    Therefore, in the selection of roller bearing accessories, we must make good quality.
                    Roller bearing stamping: roller bearing seat is divided into two kinds, one is pressing bearing seat, a bearing seat (gray cast iron). Most of the stamping bearing seat and steel pipe welding, cast iron bearing seat are adopted and steel pipe extrusion. The characteristics of the bearing seat is sealed well, the group is strong, the biggest feature of the cast iron bearing seat is high concentricity, but the force is lower than the bearing seat. Reasonable layout, reliable seal. The roller is provided with two seals, and the precision is high, and the utility model can be used for preventing the dust, gas, liquid and other corrosive media from entering into the outer part of the supporting roller. Good corrosion protection. Roller and seal are made of high molecular material, corrosion resistance. In the use of corrosive sites, the service life can reach more than 5 times the ordinary roller. High molecular resistance resistant roller specifications include Phi 8, Phi 10, Phi 13, phi, 159, such as the top 4 series, the more than and 30 species, but also in accordance with the requirements of the user to produce non-standard roller accessories, such as the nine series, such as. Roller body material has two kinds of MC monk and polyamine grease, according to the use of the environment in the characteristics of the material.
                    The anti friction bearing grease filling creamy, probably does not require the use of high pressure on, unless it is prudent to use. The amount of excess will be squeezed out of the sealed shell. High pressure can damage the bearing, waste greasy fat, greasy fat too much harm induced by low temperature and give support and INA bearing parts near invisible environment. Anti friction bearing INA bearing on the foundation of all contain two hardened steel rings, a hardened ball or roller, and a roller or roller respectively from individual frames or confrontation. In this process, because the excess fat greasy resistance, bearing temperature rose rapidly. In most use, ball or roller bearings can be completely smooth, creamy fat hypothesis levels accounted for 1/3 to half bearing capacity. Of course, most of the excess fat creamy is squeezed out in operation early, and squeeze in the roll of creamy attachment is still fat road was probably the migration changing rotating body into the raceways. This bearing Timor still continue to increase, until all the excess fat greasy squeezed so far, can be called smooth fat running stage, according to the quality and quantity of fat greasy fill bearing organs, this period of time about the continuation of ten minutes, even when. In the early stage of the operation of the bearing, most smooth fat quickly (less than a minute) was out of the raceway, and the accumulation of fat in the bearing with the smooth migration change cycle is continuous, a little squeeze.
                    Roller accessories in the installation process must grasp the key points, roller accessories can be effectively installed to play its own value. Roller bearing parts SKF during cooling in the width direction has also contracted, so the installation should apply some pressure to the inner shoulder pressing, and after cooling with thin feeler test for detection, whether there is a gap between the inner end face and shoulder. Found to meet the required heating temperature, it is necessary to install as soon as possible, in order to avoid the installation of cooling difficulties. The heating temperature should be controlled, high temperature of SKF bearing damage, the temperature is too low then ring expansion is insufficient, the effect is not significant. The thermal expansion of the inner diameter of the inner ring, which is obtained from a small control, heating temperature of 80 to 1000 DEG C, is sufficient for a SKF bearing with a general amount of interference.
                    The external environment has a great impact on the roller parts, according to the actual choice of the appropriate roller accessories; according to the production of roller to choose the appropriate roller accessories. Such as nylon roller, the application of what kind of accessories, as well as rubber roller should choose what kind of accessories; production process is in the selection of accessories should be noted that a large aspect.

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