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                    Roller accessories important features: Han run roller accessories too many types, a large number of. But each part of the roller and pass, have played an important role, are indispensable, bearings, and roller bearing is the most important part of the roller bearing, roller bearing directly affects the service life of the roller. Therefore, the selection of roller bearings, roller bearing seat, than the choice of other roller accessories are particularly important, I plant the selection of five rings bearing and I plant research and development of the design of roller bearing seat, well received by the manufacturers.
                    Circlip ring: the axis of the parts are fixed into the bearing of the fixed, and nylon seal, affixed to the fixed seal, roller nylon seal and iron seal, but also directly affect the life of the roller. The dirt dust, internal roller, water pollution has an important role in the barrier, so in the choice of time to focus on.
                    Roller accessories in the retainer ring is fixed on the shaft of the ring shaped parts, the main role is to prevent the installation of the other parts of the shaft on the move, is an indispensable part of roller accessories. The retaining ring can be divided into a flat ring, an oblique ring and a middle ring, which are respectively used in different places, but the main function is to support and guide the rolling body and keep it in the bearing. It can be divided into axial and circumferential fixed.
                    Roller accessories in the main ring is to play a role in the axial fixed, where the cone plus a fixed ring has a high degree of centering. And the retainer ring is equivalent to an active edge, is used for roller, easy to install, so, in use, indispensable.
                    The main features of roller accessories:
                    1, wear resistance, long service life. The utility model relates to a roller roller body, which is a special polymer material, whose mechanical property is similar to that of bronze, has good abrasion resistance, and has good self-lubricating property.
                    2, light weight, small inertia rotation. Roller special polymer materials, light weight, the proportion is 1/7 of the steel, roller parts made of this material, the weight is about 1/2 of the ordinary roller, rotary inertia, friction between the supporting roller and the belt small.
                    3, reasonable structure, reliable sealing. The roller is provided with two seals, the manufacturing precision is high, and the inner part of the roller is coated with special grease, which can effectively prevent the corrosive medium, such as dust, gas, liquid, etc., from entering the inner part of the supporting roller and damage the bearing.
                    4, superior anti-corrosion performance. Roll body and seal are made of polymer material, corrosion resistance. In corrosive occasions, the service life can reach 2 times the ordinary roller accessories.
                    Roller accessories light weight, small rotation inertia. Roller special polymer materials, light weight, the proportion is 1/7 steel, roller made of this material, the weight is about 1/2 of the ordinary roller parts, rotary inertia, friction between the supporting roller and the belt is small, effectively reduce the friction between the. Wear resistance, long service life. Roller roller body of high polymer material, its mechanical properties are very high, has a high wear resistance, and has a good self-lubricating performance, does not hurt the belt, etc..
                    The processing precision of roller accessories mainly refers to the concentricity of the inner hole and the axial dimension of each part. If the concentricity is too poor, will cause the bearing seizure, increase resistance, reduce the service life; if the axial part size error is too large, will form a large axial gap, resulting in axial damage, lubrication and sealing; if the installation quality is not good, the deviation and bite card, increased wear, greatly reduced roller life.
                    On the oil lubrication, when the mechanical parts near the bearings have been used in oil lubrication or need to rely on oil cooling, the bearings should be oil lubrication. When the bearing is in a heavy load or a high speed, or there is an external heat transfer, there may be cooling requirements. In addition, there is a small amount of oil lubrication lubrication method, such as drip lubrication, oil mist lubrication or oil and gas lubrication, can ensure that the loss of oil and bearing friction is very small. Bearing high speed and the need for good cooling of the place where the fruit, a large amount of lubricating oil can be sprayed directly to all contact surfaces.
                    Grease lubrication, general roller accessories rolling bearings are grease lubrication. The main advantages are: the design is very simple, grease can play a great role in sealing, low maintenance costs, long service life. Under normal working conditions and environmental conditions, it is possible to achieve "lifetime lubrication". If you are in high load conditions (speed, temperature, load), you must regularly replace the grease. In order to replace the grease, it is necessary to set up the pipeline to supply and remove grease and collect the used grease collector. For the short period of the replacement of grease on the occasion, should be necessary to set the grease pump and valve.

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